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A Review of Disney Cruise Lines®

A Review of Disney Cruise Lines®
By: Monday Cleghorn

Before going on a Disney cruise, I was happy with cruising.  I guess I should rephrase that - I was satisfied with cruising. 
As a travel agent, I have sailed on several ships that are known for their “fun ship, party-type" atmosphere but nothing like the Disney cruise. Their level of service, attention to cleanliness and to detail far outweigh anything I have experienced anywhere. 
Since sailing on the Disney Dream inaugural cruise in January 2011, I have been on one more unnamed cruise ship as an escort for a tour group.  We had fun as a group but I can say without a doubt, there was no comparison.  Disney just does it right! Everything they do, they do right!

The food on a Disney ship is far better than what you will get on other cruise lines. The rooms are larger, MUCH cleaner and more comfortable than any I've ever stayed in.

                                                                 Disney Cruise Line®
The shows are some of the best you will ever see - comparable to a Broadway show. They’re shows are stunning!  To give you an idea of what caliber of actors you can see on the Disney ships, let me bring your attention to Jennifer Hudson. Hudson is a former cast member who regularly performed on the Disney Wonder before making her debut on American Idol. 

The public areas on Disney ships are immaculate! Cast members are always cleaning the ship.  Every turn you make you can see a Cast member taking great strides to make your experience pleasurable.  Beautiful, elegant, whimsical, entertaining, immaculate and breathtaking all describe the Disney ships. 

Disney also offers something called rotational dining, which allows you to rotate each night to a different restaurant. You aren't confined to the same restaurant, same table with pretty much the same menu each night.
I love this about Disney Cruise Lines® because it gives you the opportunity to try different foods and the other restaurants onboard. When you rotate to each new restaurant, your same wait staff goes with you and are there to take exceptional care of you. They learn your name the first night and call you by name each night after that. They learn your likes and dislikes to food and drink and if you have food allergies they will make sure that your menu is catered to fit your needs.  They are truly amazing!

There is so much to say about the restaurants onboard the Disney ships that it would take a whole new article just to describe what you have to look forward to.

There's no doubt that on a Disney cruise ship there will be lots of children, but no more than you will see on any other cruise ship. Many people think that a Disney cruise is only for kids, but a Disney cruise is for everyone. Sure they have characters on the ship, and kids clubs (the most amazing kids clubs you will ever experience and one club for each age group) but those can be avoided if desired. There are plenty of adult only areas, clubs, lounges and amazing quiet areas.

There are pools galore for adults only, kids only and for everyone. Not to mention the thrilling AquaDuck™ on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, the first ever water coaster located on a cruise vessel! My point is, if you're there to spend time with kids and do things for kids, you can most definitely do so and have an amazing family experience, but if your there for romantic private time, trust me you’ll find romance spilling from almost every corner of the ship and also at Serenity Bay on Castaway Cay.  
Disney Cruise Line®

Castaway Cay is one of the most amazing private beaches you could ever experience. It’s a private beach located in the Bahamas, owned and operated by Disney.  Of course, Disney knows how to treat their guests and guests on Castaway Cay are treated with the same respect they would receive as if they were staying at a Disney resort.

Adults love Serenity Bay located on Castaway Cay.  Serenity Bay is an adult only beach for ages 18 and over.  Adults can enjoy a couples or single massage in a private massage cabana on Serenity Bay if booked in advance while on the ship. There are lots of activities on the island. One can snorkel with and feed the sting rays, charter a boat, parasail, rent bicycles, play volleyball, table tennis, pool, basketball, play at pelican’s plunge and so much more.  And don’t worry about getting hungry because your meals while on the island are included!
Someone recently said to me, "l will never go on a Disney cruise! They are too expensive!" But, my response to them was “if you ever DO go on a Disney Cruise, you’ll never want to go on any other cruise because the experience is far greater than you could ever imagine!”  A Disney cruise is worth every single penny spent!  There is nothing quite like it in the world! 

Yes, Disney cruises are a little more expensive than some of your "fun ship" cruises, but once you've experienced it, you'll understand why.  I'd rather pay a little more and have the most amazing experience possible on a cruise, than to pay less and just be satisfied.  My comparison of Disney Cruises to “fun ship” cruises is that of a cheap motel to the grandest luxury hotel in New York City without naming any names. Trust me when I say, you get what you pay for and why not pay just a little more and get the “luxury hotel” experience? 

So if you are looking for a romantic cruise - Disney is perfect!  If you're looking for a family, friendly cruise - Disney is perfect!  If it’s a group cruise that you’re interested in – Disney is perfect!  If you're looking for an array of activities to participate in on a ship - Disney is perfect!  If it's shopping, relaxing, dining, Broadway caliber shows, amazing kids clubs, dancing, watching first run movies in the Buena Vista Movie Theater, basking in the sun, enjoying private beach time on Disney's own private island Castaway Cay – then trust me from experience, Disney is the perfect fit for you!
Disney Cruise Line®

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